Jigsaw puzzles will only run in Windows (Should be compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 95 - Windows 10)  Sorry MAC users!

Jigsaw Puzzle instructions:  When you click on the link you will be prompted to "RUN" or "SAVE FILE TO DISK".  The choice is yours.  Either choose "RUN" and the program should start or choose "SAVE FILE TO DISK", choose "DESKTOP" as the save location and a shortcut will appear on your desktop.  Do not be concerned if your browser gives a Security Warning, these files are certified to be safe.  Have fun!


Puzzle Building Tips:  When the puzzle program opens move the 2 control boxes to the top-left corner where they are out of the way.  Puzzle pieces will "Click" together if they are in the right position.  Assembled pieces of the puzzle become a solid piece and can be moved as such.  Think you've lost a piece of the puzzle?  It's there!  Check under the portions of the puzzle that you have completed or under control boxes.


Coloring Book Pages instructions:  Click the link.  The page will open in a small window.  Set your printer to "LANDSCAPE" format, choose "FIT TO PAGE" and print.



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